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"Sociology Minor"

Students who are interested in studying Sociology, but are not able to fulfill the requirements of the full major should consider doing a Sociology Minor.

 To earn a Sociology Minor, students must complete two “core” Sociology courses

             SOC 1010        Intro to Sociology

             SOC 3111        Research Methods     - or -    SOC 3140        Social Theory

 Plus an additional 12 credit hours of Sociology electives, 9 of which have to be upper-division courses (3000-level or higher).


Pre-Med Studentsyoung woman sips coffee while viewing laptop

Did you know that the medical school entrance exams (the M-CAT) include a section on social and behavioral sciences?  Pursuing a Minor in Sociology may be a great way to prepare future doctors. Click on "Sociology Minor, Health and Medicine" for more information on how Sociology may help you.

Last Updated: 8/23/19