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coins icon$1.3 MILLION IN GRANTS

The Department is above the median in faculty awards and federal grant dollars per faculty. Our faculty have received four NIH R01 grants and other significant foundation grants.

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group of people icon10:1 ratio of enrolled students to faculty

In Spring 2019, 357 students (331 undergraduates and 26 graduates) were seeking degrees through the Department of Sociology. We currently have 21 core and 13 auxiliary faculty members.

Overall our students benefit from a 10.5:1 ratio of students to faculty. While undergraduates experience a 9.7:1 ratio, graduate students enjoy a .76:1 ratio.

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TOP 5%

 #1 undergraduate sociology program in Utah, #25 overall and #1 online in the nation

College Factual ranks programs offered by 4-year U.S. colleges and universities based on student satisfaction markers. Our undergraduate program ranked 25 out of 552 nationwide placing it in the top 5% of U.S. sociology programs. 

College Factual Rankings


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In the past 20 years, new faculty members with strong scholarly records were hired from top U.S. graduate programs and faculty productivity in terms of research output has remained one of the top records in the nation in the recent decade. According to the most recent data from the Academic Analytics, across the 205 sociology department in the United States, the Department of Sociology is ranked the 1st in terms of articles per faculty, the 7th in citations per faculty, and the 7th in scholarly research index which is a metric designed to create benchmark standards for the measurement of academic and scholarly quality within and among United States research universities.

Recent Publications


Frank Page, Associate Professor of Sociology, wins This award recognizes a consistent record of outstanding teaching performance and the implementation of effective and innovative teaching methods which demonstrate exceptional abilities to motivate student learning. Recipients must show a concern for students and their wider education as well as their career preparation and must also contribute to the educational process outside of the classroom. 


Katie Durante received this award for her paper, “Supportive communication skills as a protective factor among couples experiencing incarceration,” which appears in the November 2023 issue of Criminal Justice and Behavior.

portrait of Sara GrineskiSara Grineski, Professor of Sociology, WINS MULTIPLE AWARDS

2023 Recipient of the CSBS Award for Advancing Equity and Connecting Communities. Sara Grineski also recieved the 2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Research Mentor Award.


Camden Alexander, undergraduate student, has been selected for the Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award for 2023. Camden was mentored by Sara Grineski.

Angela Midgley, Administrative Officer, Department of Sociology is winner of the 2018 College of Social and Behavioral Science Staff Excellence Award.

Sociology welcomes newest addition to our faculty

picture of max colemanMax Coleman, an incoming Assistant Professor of Sociology at the University of Utah. His research examines inequalities in mental health and their structural and cultural determinants. He is especially interested in "health paradoxes" that existing theories of inequality can't easily explain. Before coming to the University of Utah, Max received training from Indiana University, the University of Wisconsin, and Oberlin College—all midwestern universities; and is looking forward to being closer to his hometown in Northern California. Max recently pulished "Mental Health in the College Classroom: Best Practices for Instructors." Teaching Sociology 50(20):168-82. It was in the top 5% of all publications scored by Altmetric, a measure of the "attention surrounding scholarly content." Top-scoring of all publications in Teaching Sociology (#1 of 483 as of July 2022). While not teaching or conducting research, Max enjoys listening to jazz, drinking tea, hiking, and playing piano.

Faculty Awards and Grants

Over the past several years, few public research universities have risen in stature as quickly for both academic excellence and the creation of life-changing technological and medical innovation as the University of Utah.

Faculty Awards 

Frank Page
University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award 2023-2024

Sara Grineski
CSBS Award for Advancing Equity and Connecting Communities 2023 

Brett Clark
University of Utah Distinguished Research Award 2023

Akiko Kamimura
John G. Francis Prize for Undergraduate Student Mentoring 2023

Guangzhen Wu
Junior Scholar Award forthe ASA Section on Drugs and Society 2023. Finalist for Superior Teaching Award for Junior Tenure-Line Faculty 2023

Katie Durante
Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences William L. Simon/Routledge Outstanding Paper Award 2023

Marcel Paret
Presidential Scholar Award 2022 

Daniel Adkins
Extraordinary Research Productivity Incentive Award 2022


Daniel Adkins

2021-2024 Craig H. Neilsen Foundation

Testing SupportGroove: A novel mhealth intervention for couples with spinal cord injuries

2018-2021 NIH/NICHD

The role of stress in shaping maternal, infant, and child health outcomes

Claudia Geist


Attitudes towards gender among health professionals

2021 CARI Grant American Sociological Association

 Understanding family member’ supportive behaviors and attitudes towards gender diverse youth and young adults

Guagnzhen Wu

2022-2023 University of Utah

Effects of recreational marijuana legalization on drug- related offenses and racial/ethnic disparities in incarceration: A multi-state study

Sara Grineski

2017-2020 National Science Foundation (NSF) Center for Education Research and Policy Studies

Building Capacity for Interdisciplinary Analysis of Longitudinal Data for Education Policy Research: Understanding science and math teacher labor markets.

2017-2018 National Science Foundation (NSF) Infrastructure Management and Extreme Events

Trajectories of social vulnerability among Houston area households: A pre- and post-event study of Hurricane Harvey.   

Kim Korinek

2022-2027 The Henry Luce Foundation

Southeast Asia, Health, Environment and Development (SEA-AHEAD) Grant for new Faculty Hire

2022-2026 U.S. Department of Education, Title VI program

Intermountain Consortium for Asian and Pacific Studies, National Resource Center and Foreign Language and Area Studies Grants

Bethany Everett

Interdisciplinary Innovation grant from the Society of Family Planning (Co-PI)

Akiko Kamimura

2020 Semnani Family Foundation Grant Program

Social stress among free clinic patients

Marcel Paret

Faculty Research and Creative Grant, University Research Committee, University of Utah, 2016
Law and Society Association Travel Grant, 2015

Ming Wen

Scholar Grant from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation (PI)

Academic Engagement

Sociologists in the Media

Sara Grineski

Radio Interview.  America’s toxic schools. Living on Earth with Steve Curwood. (broadcast on 250 public radio stations) February 9, 2018.

Review of research study in the Guardian. February 1, 2018.

Community Presentations

Sara Grineski

Air Pollution in El Paso and its Impact on Children's School Performance. Joint Advisory Committee for the Improvement of Air Quality in the Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua / El Paso, Texas / Doña Ana County, New México Air Basin ( Cd. Juarez, Mexico. (Remote Participant) 18 January 2018.

Invited Grand Rounds Speaker. Boise Veterans Affairs Medical Center. Boise, Idaho. 2 May 2018.

Marcel Paret 

Guest Editor of Special Issue Journals:
“Politics of Precarity: Critical Engagements with Guy Standing.” Global Labor Journal 7(2), 2016.

“Building Citizenship From Below: Precarity, Migration, Agency.” Citizenship Studies 29(3-4), 2016. Co-edited with Shannon Gleeson.

Brett Clark

Chair, Marxist Sociology section of the American Sociological Association


Graduate Student Spotlight

Fellowships and Grants

Zobayer Ahmmad was awarded a Consortium for Families and Health Research (C-FAHR). Fellowship 2018

Daniel Auerbach received a Graduate Research Fellowship from the Tanner Humanities Center for his work Agent Orange: And the Treadmill of Destruction

Amanda Bertana received the 2015 “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Environmentally Induced Migration.” (PI Sarita Gaytan), National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant, the 2015 “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Environmentally Induced Migration.” University of Utah Global Climate Change and Sustainability Center Grant and the 2016-2017 Utah Scholar Strategy Network Graduate Fellow.

She has also co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article: Jorgenson, Andrew K. and Amanda Bertana. 2013. “The Sociology of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Brief Overview.” Rural Connections 7(2): 15-18.

Alla Chernenko was awarded the Graduate Research Fellowship from the University of Utah Graduate School 2018-2019.

Graduate Student Publications

Kamimura, A., Ahmmad, Z., Pye, M., & Gull, B. (2018). Peer Smoking and Smoking- related Beliefs Among College Students in Bangladesh. Journal of preventive medicine and public health = Yebang Uihakhoe chi, 51(1), 51. doi:10.3961/jpmph.17.146

Kamimura, A., Panahi, S., Ahmmad, Z., Pye, M., & Ashby, J. (2018). Transportation and Other Nonfinancial Barriers Among Uninsured Primary Care Patients. Health services research and managerial epidemiology, 5, 2333392817749681. doi:10.1177/2333392817749681

Graduate Student Conferences

Bethany Gull presented "Coming Out" Narratives: Similarities and Differences in Identity Development Between Disaffiliating Mormon Women and LGB Individuals" at the 2018 Mormon Social Science Conference, Utah Valley University, Orem Utah.

Rebecca Owen co-presented with Ed Muñoz at the annual American Society of Criminology conference back in November in Philadelphia, PA.  We presented on our ongoing Salt Lake Peer Court project, specifically looking at what kinds of dispositions were associated with successful completion of the program or reduced recidivism within 1 year.

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