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Financial Support

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Students admitted to the Sociology PhD program are typically offered departmental funding (i.e., stipend, tuition waiver, and subsidized health insurance), in exchange for their service as teaching or research assistants.  Students admitted to the M-Stat in Sociology are not typically eligible for departmental funding.  Funding decisions are made upon admission and are based on meritorious acievement as outlined in the admissions application.

Doctoral students are eligible to receive up to 5 years of funding during fall and spring semesters (it is limited to 4 years for those who have completed a previous graduate degree), assuming they make satisfactory progress in their academic requirements each year, as well as perform the expected duties and obligations of their assigned job.  Each year, during an annual evaluation process, the faculty in the Department of Sociology will assess each student’s performance.  Students who exhibit poor performance may be ineligible for funding in later years.

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CSBS Graduate Fellowships

Please consider applying for fellowships offered directly through the College of Social and Behavioral Science.

Scholarship applications are now available.

Submissions are due April 1, 2019.



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