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Sociology Student Advisory Committee (S-SAC)


Sociology Student Advisory Committee (S-SAC)

Student Advisory Committees (SACs) are student groups established within each department to promote communication and interaction among students, faculty, staff, and administrators. SACs are both an academic and social organization within their department. They are designed to do the following:

 Promote academic and social activities

  • Encourage collaboration with other student organizations
  • Provide service opportunities
  • Perform and facilitate the Faculty Retention, Promotion, and Tenure program (RPT)
  • Facilitate the course evaluation process
  • Build campus community at the University
  • Encourage participation in the departmental activities
  • Promote academic achievement

 SACs were originally created to provide students with more opportunities to provide input at the departmental level. SACs also play a significant role in the RPT process, which affords students the opportunity to have a voice in the retention, promotion and tenure of faculty within their department.

 The Department of Sociology has both an undergraduate and graduate level SAC. Please speak with the Departmental Advisor if you are interested in joining SAC. 

Last Updated: 5/15/19