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2021 Research on Capitol Hill Virtual Event

Congratulations to Tania Cervantes-Hernandez and Helen Dodson for the honor of being selected to participate in 2021 Research on Capitol Hill virtual event.

About their research, Helen Dodson stated, “Our research is on the connection between social media and domestic/intimate partner violence (D/IPV). We conducted a survey of college students where we gave them a variety of domestic violence situations and had them respond on how they felt about them or viewed them. Our goal was to determine how often college students encounter D/IPV on social media, if they’re able to identify all types of D/IPV, and what their response is to such situations. The survey is phase I of our study, and in phase II we plan to conduct educational sessions for students on how to identify D/IPV and how to be better bystanders.”

The annual event presents the best and brightest undergraduate researchers from the University of Utah. This year, the event will be conducted entirely virtually. The students will also present their research and meet with local legislator via video call as well.

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Last Updated: 4/14/21