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Undergraduate Advising


Welcome to Sociology Advising!

 All advising questions pertaining to scheduling, academic progress, graduation, transfer credits or potential major questions can be answered by the Sociology Advising office. Students should see the department advisor each semester prior to registration to ensure academic progress.

Two Ways to Meet with an Advisor

Sociology Undergraduate Advisor 

portrait of Zachary Franzoni
Zachary Franzoni

Phone: (801) 581-4678
Address: BEH S 326


campus plaza and libraryThere are many opportunities for undergraduate sociology majors to receive advising. Most advising is done through booking an appointment through our online system. Students will have access to a variety of days and times that the department advisor is available.


If an appointment is not possible the Sociology advising office is happy to accommodate an alternative method which can be requested via email at

 speech bubbles    COME PREPARED

 Come prepared for a conversation. Come prepared with questions. This is your undergraduate career, how can we help you succeed? We have the tools and the framework to prepare you for what is after undergrad. What you do in your time here will dramatically impact your options afterwards.

 We are ready to help you!

NEW: CSBS Internship Coordinator


Dominique Blanc

Internship Coordinator
(801) 587-7359



While the Internship Coordinator may have Honors and CSBS specific internship opportunities available for application, the Internship Coordinator cannot place students in specific positions. Instead, the student and Internship Coordinator work together to ensure students are submitting quality applications to relevant and exciting internship opportunities. 

Fill out a student interest form and book an appointment.

Last Updated: 1/4/18