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"Sociology Major"

Core Courses:

Students declaring a Sociology Major are required to complete 5 core “required” Sociology courses. These courses will provide the foundation of what Sociology is and an overview on how Sociologists use research and theory to understand the social world around us.

      SOC 1010        Intro to Sociology

      SOC 2015        Doing Sociology

      SOC 3111        Research Methods

      SOC 3112        Social Statistics

      SOC 3140        Social Theory

Sociology Program Area Courses:

Students will take 1 course from each of the 4 program areas.  

1) Diversity & Inequality

2) Globalization, Politics, & Society

3) Deviance, Crime, and Law

4) Population Health

Allied Courses:

Finally, students will select approximately 4 courses (12 credit hours) in allied or related social science fields.  9 of these credit hous have to be upper-division (3000-level or above).

Last Updated: 5/17/19