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Sociology prepares you for a future in Health & Medicine

smiling young Latinx in scrubsThe Sociology Major or Minor is an increasingly popular choice for students pursuing a Premed plan.


Whether majoring in Sociology or another discipline, students preparing for careers in health and medicine might want to consider taking courses in Sociology.  Sociology uses empirical analysis and critical thinking to understand human behavior and social institutions.

Studies have found that health practitioners with a background in Sociology see their patients not only in terms of their symptoms and pathology, but also in terms of their social context that may be relevant (even critical) to their health care and healing

Starting in 2015, the MCAT will include a section on social and behavioral sciences


Get started with an introductory course

An introductory course will provide an overview of the theories, topics, and methods associated with the discipline:

SOC 1010 Intro to Sociology 4 credits BF

Sociology Courses with a Health and Medicine Focus

Specialized courses that may be particularly useful to students interested in health and medicine:

SOC 3671 Sociology of Health 3 credits  
SOC 3673 Social Epidemiology 3 credits QB,QI
SOC 3769 Health Disparities 3 credits DV
SOC 3650 Population and Society 3 credits QB,QI,IR
SOC 4674 Global Health 3 credits IR,CEL

Sociology Courses for skills and experience in Research 

For students looking to broaden their background in research methods and hypothesis-driven research experiences, the following courses may be ones to consider:

SOC 3111 Research Methods 3 credits  
SOC 3112 Social Statistics 3 credits QB, QI
SOC 3877 Senior Thesis I 3 credits  
SOC 4877 Senior Thesis  II 3 credits  


Advising Consultation

Find out how to plan a sociology major with a focus in health, medicine, and research.

Find out how sociology integrates with your existing plan.

Schedule an appointment with the Sociology Department Undergraduate Advisor, Zachary Franzoni.


Last Updated: 5/15/18