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Portrait of Daniel Adkins

Daniel Adkins

Elisabeth Conradt, K Lee Raby, Daniel E Adkins, Lisa M Diamond, Bruce J Ellis, Sheila E Crowell. (2017). “Stress and epigenetic mechanisms of adaptation in prenatal development.” Development and Psychopathology, (Invited).


Robin Chan, Andrey Shabalin, Linying Xie, Daniel Adkins,  Min Zhao, Gustavo Turecki, Shaunna Clark, Karolina Aberg, Edwin van den Oord. (2017). “Enrichment methods provide a feasible approach to comprehensive and adequately powered investigations of the brain methylome.” Nucleic Acids Research, (In press).


Shaunna L Clark, Daniel E Adkins, Karolina A Aberg, Gaurav Kumar, Sri Nerella, Linying Xie, Ann L Collins, James J Crowley, Corey R Quakenbush, Christopher E Hillard, Guimin Gao, Andrey A Shabalin, Roseann E Peterson, William E Copeland, Judy L Silberg, Hermine Maes, Patrick F Sullivan, Elizabeth J Costello, Edwin J van den Oord. (2017). “Deep sequencing of 71 candidate genes to characterize variation associated with alcohol dependence.” Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research. (In press).


Daniel E Adkins, Kelli M Rasmussen, Anna R Docherty. (2017). “Social epigenetics and human behavior.” Oxford Handbook of Evolution, Biology & Society, edited by Rosemary L Hopcroft. Oxford University Press. (In press).


Docherty, A. R., Bigdeli, T. B., Yang, Z., Edwards, A. C., Peterson, R., Sawyers, C., Adkins, D. E., Moore, A. A., Webb, B. T., Bacanu, S. A., Flint, J., Kendler, K. S. (2017). “Age of onset and family history as indicators of polygenic risk for major depression.” Depression and Anxiety, (In press).


Daniel E Adkins. (2017). “Machine learning and electronic health records: A paradigm shift.” American Journal of Psychiatry, 174(2): 93-94.


Alexis Edwards, Jon Heron, Vladimir Vladimirov, Aaron Wolen, DanielEAdkins, Fazil Aliev, Matthew Hickman, and Kenneth Kendler. (2017). “The rate of change in alcohol misuse across adolescence is heritable.” Alcoholism: Clinical and Experimental Research, 41 (1), 57-64.





Anna R Docherty, Arden Moscati, Roseann Peterson, Daniel E Adkins, Alexis Edwards, Silviu Bacanu, T. Bernard Bigdeli, Bradley Webb, Jonathan Flint, and Kenneth Kendler. (2016). “SNP-based heritability estimates of the personality dimensions and polygenic prediction of both neuroticism and major depression: Findings from CONVERGE.” Translational Psychiatry, 6(10), e926.   


 John Hettema, Takeshi Otowa, Karin Hek, Minyoung Lee, Enda Byrne, Saira Mirza, Michel Nivard, T Bigdeli, Steven Aggen, Daniel E Adkins, Aaron Wolen, Ayman Fanous, Matthew Keller, Enrique Castelao, Zoltan Kutalik, Sandra Van der Auwera, Georg Homuth, Matthias Nauck, Alexander Teumer, Jouke-Jan Hottenga, Nese Direk, Albert Hofman, André Uitterlinden, Cornelis Mulder, Anjali Henders, Sarah Medland, Scott Gordon, Andrew Heath, Pamela Madden, Michelle Pergadia, Peter van der Most, Ilja Nolte, Floor van Oort, Catharina Hartman, Albertine Oldehinkel, Martin Preisig, Hans Joergen Grabe, Christel Middeldorp, Brenda WJH Penninx, Dorret Boomsma, Nicholas Martin, Grant Montgomery, Brion Maher, Edwin van den Oord, Naomi Wray, and Henning Tiemeier. (2016). “Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies of anxiety disorders." Molecular Psychiatry, 21(10):1391-9


Shaunna L Clark, Nathan A Gillespie, Daniel E Adkins, Kenneth S Kendler, Michael C Neale. (2016). “Psychometric modeling of abuse and dependence symptoms across six illicit substances indicates novel dimensions of misuse.” Addictive Behaviors, 53(2): 132-140.

Stephanie M van Den Berg, Marleen HM de Moor, […] Daniel E Adkins, […] Nicholas G Martin, Dorret I Boomsma (Genetics of Personality Consortium). (2016). “Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for extraversion: findings from the Genetics of Personality Consortium.” Behavior Genetics, 46(2): 170-182.

Shaunna L Clark, Joseph L McClay, Daniel E Adkins, Karolina A Aberg, Gaurav Kumar, Sri Nerella, Linying Xie, Ann L Collins, James J Crowley, Corey R Quakenbush, Christopher E Hillard, Guimin Gao, Andrey A Shabalin, Roseann E Peterson, William E Copeland, Judy L Silberg, Hermine Maes, Patrick F Sullivan, Elizabeth J Costello, Edwin J van den Oord. (2016). “Deep sequencing of three loci implicated in large-scale GWAS smoking meta-analyses.” Nicotine & Tobacco Research, 18(5): 626-631.





Joseph L McClay, Andrey A Shabalin, Mikhail G Dozmorov, Daniel E Adkins, Gaurav Kumar, Srilaxmi Nerella, Shaunna L Clark, Sarah E Bergen,

Christina M Hultman, Patrik KE Magnusson, Patrick F Sullivan, Karolina A Aberg, Edwin JCG van den Oord. (2015). “High density methylation QTL

analysis in human blood via next-generation sequencing of the methylated genomic DNA fraction.” Genome Biology, 16(291): 1-16.


Daniel E Adkins, Shaunna L Clark, William E Copeland, Martin Kennedy, Kevin Conway, Adrian Angold, Hermine Maes, Youfang Liu, Gaurav Kumar, Alaattin Erkanli, Ashwin A Patkar, Judy Silberg, Tyson H Brown, David M Fergusson, L John Horwood, Lindon Eaves, Edwin JCG van den Oord,

Patrick F Sullivan, EJ Costello. (2015). “Genome-wide meta-analysis of longitudinal alcohol consumption across youth and early adulthood.” Twin

Research and Human Genetics, 18(4): 335-447.


Marleen HM De Moor, Stephanie M Van Den Berg, […] Daniel E Adkins, […] Brenda WJH Penninx, Nicholas G Martin, Dorret I Boomsma (Genetics of Personality Consortium). (2015). “Meta-analysis of genome-wide association studies for neuroticism, and the polygenic association with major depressive disorder.” JAMA Psychiatry, 72(7): 642-650.


Gaurav Kumar, Shaunna L Clark, Joseph L McClay, Andrey A Shabalin, Daniel E Adkins, Linying Xie, Robin Chan, Srilaxmi Nerella, Yunjung Kim,

Patrick F Sullivan, Christina M Hultman, Patrik KE Magnusson, Karolina A Aberg, Edwin JCG van den Oord. (2015). “Refinement of schizophrenia

GWAS loci using methylome-wide association data.” Human Genetics, 134(1): 77-87.

portrait of Brett Clark

Brett Clark


Stefano B. Longo, Rebecca Clausen, and Brett Clark. The Tragedy of the Commodity: Oceans, Fisheries, and Aquaculture (New Brunswick: Rutgers University Press, 2015)



Longo, Stefano B., Brett Clark, Thomas E. Shriver, and Rebecca Clausen. 2016. “Sustainability and Environmental Sociology: Putting the Economy in its Place and Moving Toward an Integrative Socio-Ecology.” Sustainability 8(5): No. 437: doi:10.3390/su8050437.

 Jorgenson, Andrew K. and Brett Clark. 2016. “The Temporal Stability and Developmental Differences in the Environmental Impacts of Militarism: The Treadmill of Destruction and Consumption-Based Carbon Emissions.” Sustainability Science 11: 505-514.

 Fitzgerald, Jared B., Andrew K. Jorgenson, and Brett Clark. 2015. “Energy Consumption and Working Hours: A Longitudinal Study of Developed and Developing Nations, 1990 to 2008.” Environmental Sociology 1(3): 213-223.

 Serenari, Christopher, Nils Peterson, and Brett Clark. 2015. “Theorizing Logger Religion within the Pacific Northwest Timber Conflict.” Worldviews: Global Religions, Culture, and Ecology 19(3): 265-282.

 Clausen, Rebecca, Brett Clark, and Stefano B. Longo. 2015. “Metabolic Rifts and Restoration: Agricultural Crises and the Potential of Cuba’s Organic, Socialist Approach to Food Production.” World Review of Political Economy 6(1): 4-32.

 Jorgenson, Andrew K., Daniel Auerbach, and Brett Clark. 2014. “The (De-)Carbonization of Urbanization, 1960-2010.” Climatic Change 127: 561-575.


Book Chapters:

Clausen, Rebecca, Stefano B. Longo, and Brett Clark. 2015. “Fishy Business: Genetic Engineering and Salmon Aquaculture.” In Genetically Modified Organisms in Foods, Ronald Ross Watson and Victor R. Preedy, eds. London: Elsevier, pp. 159-165.

 Antonio, Robert J. and Brett Clark. 2015. “The Climate Change Divide in Social Theory.” In Climate Change and Society: Sociological Perspectives, Riley E. Dunlap and Robert J Brulle, eds. Cambridge: Oxford University Press, pp. 333-368.


Other Scholarly Articles:

Foster, John Bellamy and Brett Clark. 2016. “Marx’s Ecology and the Left.” Monthly Review 68(2): 1-25.

Foster, John Bellamy and Brett Clark. 2015. “Crossing the River of Fire: The Liberal Attack on Naomi Klein and This Changes Everything.” Monthly Review 66(9): 1-17.

Clark, Brett and Scott Borchert. 2015. “Pete Seeger, Musical Revolutionary.” Monthly Review 66(8): 20-29.

 Longo, Stefano B., Rebecca Clausen, and Brett Clark. 2014. “Capitalism and the Commodification of Salmon: From Wild Fish to a Genetically Modified Species.” Monthly Review 66(7): 35-55.

 Jorgenson, Andrew K., Riley E. Dunlap, and Brett Clark. 2014. “Ecology and Environment.” In Concise Encyclopedia of Comparative Sociology, Masamichi Sasaki, Jack Goldstone, Ekkart Zimmermann, and Stephen K. Sanderson, eds. Leiden: Brill Academic Press, pp. 457-464.

Portrait of Wade Cole

Wade Cole

Cole, Wade M. 2016. “Human Rights and the Individual: Cross-Cultural Variation in Human Rights Scores, 1980 to 2010.” Social Forces (forthcoming).

 Bromley, Patricia, and Wade M. Cole. 2016. “A Tale of Two Worlds: The Interstate System and World Society in Social Science Textbooks, 1950–2011.” Globalisation, Societies and Education (forthcoming).

 Cole, Wade M. 2016. “The Effects of Human Rights on Economic Growth, 1965 to 2010.” Sociology of Development (forthcoming).

 Cole, Wade M. 2016. “Managing to Mitigate Abuse: Bureaucracy, Democracy, and Human Rights, 1984 to 2010.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 57(1-2): 67–97.

 Cole, Wade M. 2015. “Mind the Gap: State Capacity and the Implementation of Human Rights Treaties.” International Organization 69(2): 405–441.

 Cole, Wade M. 2015. “International Human Rights and Domestic Income Inequality: A Difficult Case of Compliance in World Society.” American Sociological Review 80(2): 359–390.

 Cole, Wade M. 2015. “Institutionalizing a Global Anti-Corruption Regime: Perverse Effects on Country Outcomes, 1984 to 2012.” International Journal of Comparative Sociology 56(1): 53–80.

 Portrait of Bethany Everett

Bethany Everett

Everett, Bethany G., Oluwatitofunmi O. Apatira and Katharine McCabe. “Changing Times: How is Same-Sex Relationship Equality Impacting the Fertility Care Landscape?” Pg 243-253 in Fertility and assisted reproductive technology: Theory, practice, policy, and research for healthcare practitioners. (eds S.L. Stevenson and P. Hershberger) New York, NY: Springer. Published, 02/01/2016.

Bouris A, Everett BG, Heath RD, Elsaesser CE & Neilands TB (2016). Effects of Victimization and Violence on Suicidal Ideation and Behaviors Among Sexual Minority and Heterosexual Adolescents. LGBT health. In press, 01/01/2016.

Bostwick WB, Hughes TL & Everett B (2016). Health Behavior, Status, and Outcomes Among a Community-Based Sample of Lesbian and Bisexual Women. LGBT health. Vol. 2, 121-6. Published, 01/01/2016.

Hughes TL, Johnson TP, Steffen AD, Wilsnack SC & Everett B (2016). Lifetime Victimization, Hazardous Drinking, and Depression Among Heterosexual and Sexual Minority Women. LGBT health. Vol. 1, 192-203. Published, 01/01/2016.

Katz-Wise SL, Everett B, Scherer EA, Gooding H, Milliren CE & Austin SB (2015). Factors Associated with Sexual Orientation and Gender Disparities in Chronic Pain Among U.S. Adolescents and Young Adults. Preventive medicine reports. Vol. 2, 765-772. Published, 11/01/2015.

Mollborn S & Everett B (2015). Understanding the Educational Attainment of Sexual Minority Women and Men. Research in social stratification and mobility. Vol. 41, 40-55. Published, 08/01/2015.

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Everett B & Zajacova A (2015). Gender differences in hypertension and hypertension awareness among young adults. Biodemography and social biology. Vol. 61, 1-17. Published, 04/01/2015.

Everett B (2015). Sexual orientation identity change and depressive symptoms: a longitudinal analysis. Journal of health and social behavior. Vol. 56, 37-58. Published, 02/01/2015.

Marie Sarita Gaytan portrait
Sarita Gaytán


Geist, Claudia, M. Reynolds, and M. Gaytán. “Unfinished Business: Disentangling Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Sociological Research on Gender Stratification.” Sociology Compass, forthcoming 2017.

Alemán, Sonya and Marie S. Gaytán. “‘It Doesn’t Speak to Me’: Student of Color Resistance to Critical Race Pedagogy.” International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education, v.30, n.2: 128-146. 2017 


Gaytán, Marie, S. and Sergio De La Mora. “Queening/Queering Mexicanidad: Lucha Reyes and the Canción Ranchera.” Feminist Formations, v.28, n.3: 196-221  2016.


Gaytán, Marie, S. “‘Una Copita Amigo’: Ethnic Mexicans, Consumer Culture, and the American Marketplace.” Latino Studies, v.14, n.4: 458-481  2016.

Gaytán, Marie, S. and Sarah Bowen (equal authorship). “Naturalizing Neoliberalism and the De-Mexicanization of the Tequila Industry.” Environment and Planning A, v.47, n.2: 267-283   2015.



Portrait of Claudia Geist

Claudia Geist

2017       Cole, Wade M.  and Claudia Geist. “Progress without Progressives? The Effects of Development on Women’s Educational and Political Equality in Cultural Context, 1980 to 2010.” Forthcoming at Sociology of Development.

2017       Young, Yvette and Claudia Geist. “The Gender of Joiners:  Exploring the Impact of Gender, Development and Inequality on Membership in Voluntary Associations.” Forthcoming in Sociology of Development.


2017       Geist, Claudia, Megan Reynolds, and Marie Sarita Gaytan. “Unfinished Business: Disentangling Sex, Gender, and Sexuality in Sociological Research on Gender Stratification.” Forthcoming in Sociology Compass.


2017       Geist, Claudia and Jennifer Tabler. “Somebody has to DUST! Gender, Health, and Housework in Older Couples.” Journal of Women & Aging (

2017       Geist, Claudia. “Marriage Formation in Context: Four Decades in Comparative Perspective.” Social Sciences6: 9. (

2017       Geist, Claudia and Sarah Brauner-Otto. “Constrained Intentions: Individual Economic Resources, Regional Context, and Fertility Expectations in Germany.” Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World 3. (


2016       Tabler, Jennifer and Claudia Geist. “Young Women with Eating Disorders or Disordered Eating Behaviors Delinquency, Risky Sexual Behaviors, and Number of Children in Early Adulthood." Socius: Sociological Research for a Dynamic World.

2016       Hunter, Leah and Claudia Geist. A taxable luxury? Why feminine hygiene products should be exempt from sales tax.


2016 Geist, Claudia and Kyl Myers “Gender Stratification.” Oxford Bibliographiesin Sociology. Baxter, Janeen (Ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. Published, 02/25/2016.

Powell, Brian, Catherine Bolzendahl, Claudia Geist, and Lala Carr Steelman. “Changing Counts, Counting Change: Americans’ Movement toward a More Inclusive Definition of Family” In B. Risman and V. Rutter (Eds.). Families as They Really Are. Second Edition W. W. Norton Russell Sage Foundation. (Authors after first author are listed alphabetically). Published, 03/2015.

Portrait of Akiko Kamimura

Akiko Kamimura

  • Weaver, S. Ashby, J., & Kamimura, A. (2017). Self-reported diagnosis of type 1 and type 2 diabetes among uninsured primary care patients. Health Services Research & Managerial Epidemiology. DOI: 10.1177/2333392816689528. *The first author is a student of honor’s thesis/UROP.. Published, 01/2017.
  • Kamimura, A., Gull, B., Lindsey, W., Weaver, S., Edwards, A., Nourian, K., Ashby, J., & Erickson, L. (2016). Factors associated with oral health-related quality of life among safety-net clinic patients. Journal of Public Health Dentistry. DOI: 10.111/jphd.12193. (2015 Impact factor: Impact Factor: 1.182). Online publication date: December 26, 2016. Published, 12/2016.
  • Stephens, T., Kamimura, A., Yamawaki, N., Bhattacharya, H., Mo, W., Birkholz, R., Makomenaw, A., & Olson, LM. (2016). Rape myth acceptance among college students in the United States, Japan and India. Sage Open.DOI: 10.1177/2158244016675015. (2015 Impact factor: 0.57). Online publication date: December 1, 2016. *The first author is a student of Undergraduate Individual Research. Published, 12/2016.
  • Kamimura, A., Gull, B., Weaver, S., Wright, L., W., Ashby, J., & Erickson, L. Association between health-related beliefs and oral health behaviors among uninsured primary care patients. Journal of Primary Care & Community Health. doi: 10.1177/2150131916680887. PMID: 27903790.(2015 SJR - SCImago Journal Rank - Score: 0.552). Online publication date: November 29, 2016. Published, 11/2016.
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Streng, TK., Kamimura, A. Perceptions of university policies to prevent sexual assault among college students in the United States. Sexuality Research and Social Policy. DOI: 10.1007/s13178-016-0245-x. (2015 Impact factor: 1.452). Online publication date: August 5, 2016. *The first author is a student of the Honor's College and the Undergraduate Research Opportunities (UROP).. Published, 08/2016.

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Portrait of Kim Korinek


Kim Korinek

Korinek, Kim, and Peter Loebach. Forthcoming. “Migrant Networks, Immigrant and Ethnic Economies, and Destination Development,” chapter in the Sociology of Development Handbook, edited by Gregory Hooks et al. Berkeley, CA: University of California Press.


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Portrait of Theresa Martinez

Theresa A. Martinez

Martinez, Theresa A. "Rock and Roll, CRT, and America in the 1950s: Musical Counternarratives in the Jm Crow South." Race, Gender & Class: An Interdisciplinary Journal 22(3-4). Accepted, 11/05/2015.

Portrait of Heather Melton

Heather Melton

Melton, H.C. & Smith, P. "Gender differences between girls and boys as perceived by juvenile justice workers" submitted to Crime & Delinquency

Stephens, Emily & Melton, Heather (2016) “The Impact of Children on Decision Making of Intimate Partner Abuse Victims’ Service Seeking” Women and Criminal Justice (available online in November; DOI: 10/10801/08974454.2016.1247773)

The Impact of Children on Decision-Making of Intimate Partner Abuse Victims. In progress, 10/05/2015.

Intimate Partner Abuse Victim Service Usage. In progress, 09/07/2015.



 Portrait of Marcel Paret

 Marcel Paret

Paret, Marcel. 2016. “Towards a Precarity Agenda.Global Labor Journal 7(2): 111-122.

Paret, Marcel. 2016. “Politics of Solidarity and Agency in an Age of Precarity.Global Labor Journal 7(2): 174-188.

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Portrait of Michael Timberlake

Michael Timberlake

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