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University of Utah graduate student, Nicole Eberhardt, recently delivered a TedX talk in Oxford. Her message about being an active and engaged global citizen is both timely and relevant.

"In an era of global contraction and exclusion, Nikki Eberhardt explains that unleashing your inner campaigner as a global citizen is more critical than ever. She enumerates steps you can take to campaign effectively. She argues that "clicktivism" and "hashtag activism" must be avoided-- activism today requires both sophisticated and targeted online actions and more long-term commitment via offline actions. She challenges you to show up to events, volunteer in your communities and have more conversations."

Nikki Eberhardt is a second year executive MBA student at Balliol College, University of Oxford and is completing her PhD in Global Sociology at the University of Utah. Her research explores and advocates for refugee youth access to academic social capital. Particularly passionate to empower girls in developing countries, she was co-founder and president to a United Nations Women Chapter. She campaigns to end extreme poverty with Global Citizen and drives communication strategy and charity partner activations for Delta Air Lines."


CoCo James received the Career Services Faculty Recognition Award

CoCo James received the Career Services Faculty Recognition Award due to her great contribution to our department’s undergraduate internship program. CoCo is PhD student in sociology at the University of Utah and the graduate student internship coordinator. She is also the instructor of Sociology Internship and Diversity Internship courses. Her two-year effort in coordinating our undergraduate internship program has inspired greater involvement leading to an increase in the number of students engaged in internships.

Undergraduate Student, Bianca Armenta Awarded the NCUR 2017 Health Science Division Travel Award

Armenta will present her senior thesis research entitled "Structural quality of healthcare facilities in India" at the National Conference for Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in April 2017 in Memphis.  Her senior thesis faculty mentor is Prof. Akiko Kamimura.

Junior Tenure-Track Faculty Teaching Award Winner:
Marcel Paret, Sociology

This week the College of Social and Behavioral Science Curriculum Committee met to review nominations for the 2017 CSBS Superior Teaching Awards.  This year CSBS asked that nominations come from students and thus is sharing a few sentences from those nominations for the winners and finalists as they demonstrate the important impact an instructor has on students. 

One of Dr. Paret’s most notable qualities as that of a great teacher is his ability to bring out discourse utilizing students’ diverse frameworks to build knowledge. We had so many interesting discussions facilitated by Dr. Paret's ability to help students understand a theory, learn how to articulate that theory, and have critical discourse on how it fits within society as a conceptual framework. There was always an energy in his class that made me strive to contribute, while at the same time helping ease me out of my comfort zone. This made his class hands down one of the best experiences I had at the University of Utah.     3/3/2017


Sociology student selected as Dee Foundation UROP Scholar for 2017

Congratulations to sociology student, Warren Jensen.  Jensen was selected as one of four Dee Foundation UROP Scholars for 2017 for his project titled, "Determined to Make Righteous Homes: LDS Expressions of Masculinity and Family Formation" with faculty mentor, Claudia Geist.  3/2/2017

Sociology welcomes recent additions to our faculty:

Daniel Adkins

Assistant Professor Daniel Adkins was awarded his PhD in Sociology from the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill with highest honors. Since graduation he has been supported by various NIH grants, including a K01 Career Development Award providing five years of additional training in statistical genomics and bioinformatics at the Virginia Commonwealth University, Center for Biomarker Research and Precision Medicine. His research is broadly quantitative and interdisciplinary, with a current focus on integrating sociological perspectives on psychosocial stress with genomic “big data” to map how social, genetic, and epigenetic factors interact to shape health and behavior. He has published over 40 peer reviewed articles in high impact sociology, psychiatry, and genetics journals. Dr. Adkins will join the faculty in Fall 2016.

Bethany Everett

Assistant Professor Bethany Everett received her PhD in Sociology from the University of Colorado at Boulder. Bethany Everett won the 2015 National American Menopause Society New Investigator Award as well as an Interdisciplinary Innovation grant from the Society of Family Planning.  She was previously  awarded a “Building Interdisciplinary Careers in Women’s Health” Fellowship. National Institutes of Health and Office of Research on Women’s Health. Scholar. NIH among others. Her research focuses on Social Epidemiology, Sexual Orientation and Sexuality, Gender, Demography, Quantitative Methodology, and Medical Sociology.

Marcel Paret
Assistant Professor Marcel Paret will be joining us from the University of California-Berkeley and most recently from a postdoctoral fellowship position at the University of Johannesburg. His interests include labor and labor movements; political sociology; stratification and inequality; race and ethnicity; immigration; globalization and development; social theory; and South Africa. Dr. Paret will join the faculty in Fall of 2014.

Megan Reynolds
Assistant Professor Megan Reynolds who comes to us from Duke University with research interests in stratification and inequality; sociology of health and illness; work and labor; political sociology; social policy; research methods; and gender.  Dr. Reynolds will join the faculty in fall of 2014.

Ed Muñoz
Associate Professor Ed Muñoz who directs the University's Ethnic Studies Program and researches Latino diaspora, ethnicity, and criminal justice. He will lead the first study abroad program in sociology to Mérida,Yucatán, Mexico this Fall Semester.  Dr. Muñoz joined the faculty in fall of 2013.

Faculty Grants and Awards

Over the past five years, few public research universities have risen in stature as quickly for both academic excellence and the creation of life-changing technological and medical innovation as the University of Utah.


Faculty Awards

Brett Clark "2015 Allan Schnaiberg Outstanding Publication Award from the Environment and Technology Section of the American Sociological Association"

Bethany Everett  "New Investigator Award" from the North American Menopause Society

Megan Reynolds  "New Connections Scholar Award" from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.


Sarita Gaytan

Finalist for the CSBS Superior Research Award

Theresa Martinez
Career Services Faculty Recognition Award

Heather Melton
"University of Utah Distinguished Teaching Award"

Marcel Paret Finalist for College of Social and Behavioral Science Superior Teaching Award

Rebecca Utz Graduate School Distinguished Mentor Award

Bethany Everett Interdisciplinary Innovation grant from the Society of Family Planning (Co-PI)

Akiko Kamimura Community Health Grant from the Sorenson Legacy Foundations (PI)

Marcel Paret Faculty Research and Creative Grant, University Research Committee, University of Utah, 2016

Law and Society Association Travel Grant, 2015

Ming Wen Scholar Grant from the Chiang Ching-Kuo Foundation (PI)


Marcel Paret  Guest Editor of Special Issue Journals:
“Politics of Precarity: Critical Engagements with Guy Standing.” Global Labor Journal 7(2), 2016.

“Building Citizenship From Below: Precarity, Migration, Agency.” Citizenship Studies 29(3-4), 2016. Co-edited with Shannon Gleeson.

Brett Clark Chair, Marxist Sociology section of the American Sociological Association



  • Graduate Student Spotlight

  • Daniel Auerbach received a Graduate Research Fellowship from the Tanner Humanities Center for his work Agent Orange: And the Treadmill of Destruction

  • Amanda Bertana received the 2015  “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Environmentally Induced Migration.” (PI Sarita Gaytan), National Science Foundation Doctoral Dissertation Research Improvement Grant.

     the 2015 “Doctoral Dissertation Research: Environmentally Induced Migration.” University of Utah Global Climate Change and Sustainability Center Grant.

    and the 2016-2017 Utah Scholar Strategy Network Graduate Fellow

    She has also co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article: Jorgenson, Andrew K. and Amanda Bertana. 2013. “The Sociology of Greenhouse Gas Emissions: A Brief Overview.” Rural Connections 7(2): 15-18.

  • Jessica Eckhardt has co-authored a peer-reviewed journal article with University of Utah faculty member, Akiko Kamimura.

    Kamimura, A., Samhouri, M., Huynh, T., Myers, K., Prudencio, L., Eckhardt, J., & Al-Obaydi, S. (2016). Physician migration: Experience of international medical graduates in the US. Journal of International Migration and Integration. DOI: 10.1007/s12134-016-0486-9. (2014 Impact factor: 0.462). Online publication date: March 8, 2016. Published, 03/2016. 
  • Kyl Myers is currently a Project Facilitator OB/GYN Research School of Medicine at the University of Utah directing a new study examining women's reproductive healthcare choices when financial barriers are removed.


    She has co-authored peer-reviewed journal articles with University of Utah faculty members, Claudia Geist and Akiko Kamimura: 

    2016 Geist, Claudia and Kyl Myers “Gender Stratification.” Oxford Bibliographiesin Sociology. Baxter, Janeen (Ed.). New York: Oxford University Press. Published, 02/25/2016.

    Kamimura, A., Samhouri, M., Huynh, T., Myers, K., Prudencio, L., Eckhardt, J., & Al-Obaydi, S. (2016). Physician migration: Experience of international medical graduates in the US. Journal of International Migration and Integration. DOI: 10.1007/s12134-016-0486-9. (2014 Impact factor: 0.462). Online publication date: March 8, 2016. Published, 03/2016.

    Kamimura, A., Ganta, V., Myers, K., & Thomas, T. (2015). Intimate partner violence, childhood abuse, and in-law abuse experienced by women utilizing community health services in Gujarat, India. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. DOI: 10.1177/0886260515603973. PMID:26345222. (2014 Impact Factor: 1.663). Online publication date: September 7, 2015. Published, 09/2015.

    University of Utah Sociology Department Climbs in the Rankings

    Academic Analytics recently ranked the University of Utah Sociology Department as 30th in the nation.

    The Academic Analytics Database includes information on over 270,000 faculty members associated with more than 9,000 doctoral programs and 10,000 departments at more than 385 universities in the United States and abroad.  The rankings are based on a variety of data that include faculty publications (peer-reviewed) journals and books), citations by others outside the respective university, federal research funding and awards and honors.
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